Matumaini Means Hope

“To become a force for good, all that is required 
is the will to engage with whatever you can bring to the table”
– Steve Case, Founder of America Online

Our Mission:

Matumaini Means Hope is a 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on empowering the young women at an all-girls home located in the heart of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our role, in partnership with our friends and the founders of the home, is to create sustained support that will help teach, care for, and provide greater opportunities to these young, bright, funny, ambitious girls.

Sharing Love

Opening our hearts and sharing our time and talents to reinforce to these girls that they are truly and deeply loved.

Providing Support

Establishing a 501c3 conduit to give our US-based benefactors the opportunity to engage with these awesome girls.

Making Connections

Developing partnerships, both local and international, to extend the network and opportunities available to these young ladies.

Meet the Community's Founder...

Nouska Teixeira

Congolese business woman, Noushka Teixeira founded Matumaini in 2010. Through her hard work and dedication, she has given these young girls a second chance at life.

Our organization was founded to help her see her vision through and allow for a greater community to engage with the work she is doing! 

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When you’re talking about 37 girls who have come from difficult situations living in a country struggling to find it’s way, it can be difficult to see a way forward. But at MMH, we’re dedicated to addressing these problems from a few major perspectives:

Providing Basic Needs

Our partners have done an amazing job of providing shelter, education, and care for these girls; but there is still a significant need for sustained nutritional improvements, the establishment of a clean water source, and general facility maintenance.

By addressing these concerns, we empower these girls to grow and learn without the fear of or focus on meeting their basic needs.

Establishing Tools for Success

It's a given, access to consistent electricity and internet are crucial in our time when it comes to getting ahead. By providing an off-grid supplemental energy source, as well as a secured and protected portal to the web, we're providing these girls with the tools for success and empowering them to chase their goals... I know of at least two future doctors, a future lawyer, and teacher in their ranks!

Mobilizing A Network

In the Congo, as it is everywhere else, it's all about who you know. Matumaini Means Hope is dedicated to establishing a Network of partners, both local to the Congo and abroad, the can help empower these girls to chase after their educational and career goals.

Get to know the girls

Each of these lovely ladies has their own unique goals and aspirations in life. We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to talk with them, laugh with them, learn with them and want to share their inner strength and light with you.

How can you help?

Check out ways you can “engage with what you bring to the table” below: